electrostatic refinishing
Electrostatic Refinishing
ATLAS uses an attraction coating process performed with a mobile electrostatic painting unit to refinish desks and file cabinets on your company’s premises. This
electrostatic refinishing
process sets up an electrostatic field between the coating gun and equipment to be refinished. The paint literally is pulled to the metal surface using this procedure. There is no dust or over spray with this operation. And because there is no over spray, desk and file drawers do not have to be unloaded. This means no valuable employee time is lost and there is no chance of losing or misplacing valuable business records. All electrostatic refinishing is performed after business hours-overnight or on weekends so there is no interruption of office routine. Our electrostatic refinishing process includes thorough cleaning and sanding prior to refinishing. The paint cures over night to provide superior adhesion and wear resistance to the refinished item.

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